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Premium Generators Designed for Home & Light Trade Use

Whether you're out on the water, spending a weekend at your batch, or seeking a dependable backup power source during blackouts, Powermax's diverse range of generators is designed to meet the challenges you encounter. Count on Powermax to keep the lights on and your devices running smoothly.

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Uncompromised Performance & Reliability

Powermax choose to opt for oversized engines to provide you with the solid 'day in, day out' performance and reliability you need. 

Powermax engines are specifically engineered for professional power equipment, and set the standard for power output, fuel efficiency and durability.  Mounted on large 'Anti'vibe' isolation mounts these engines give you smooth and reliable power every time.

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Powermax Difference


Four Reasons To Choose A Powermax Generator 

Wide Range To  Cover Most Jobs

Wide Range To Cover Most Jobs

Powermax has matched their models to suit the tasks that you do most. From 2800W to boil your jug to a 9000W to run your field event Powermax have you covered.

Tailored To Meet The NZ Market

Tailored To Meet The NZ Market

Powermax have studied the lifestyles and conditions in NZ and designed generators portable and versatile to suit the way of life that we live and love.

Rugged Design That's Built To Last

Rugged Design That's Built To Last

Powermax builds generators tough, with robust designs and heavy duty welded frames to withstand the rugged life and remote conditions that Kiwi's endure.

12 Months Warranty

12 Months Warranty

Enjoy the assurance of a comprehensive 12-month guarantee. In addition to readily available spare parts and accessories throughout New Zealand.

Our Products

Power Whenever You Need It

Powermax IX2300 2300W/2.9kVA Inverter Generator

Powermax 2300W/2.9kVA Silent Series Inverter Generator

Powermax PRO4000ESI 4000W/5kVA Inverter Generator

Powermax 4000W/5kVA Silent Series Inverter Generator- Electric Start

Powermax XPG950-2 900W/1.1kVA Generator

Powermax Generator 900W/1.1kVA 2 Stroke, 2hp Engine

On-Site & Emergency Power Section - Powermax

On-Site & Emergency Power

Ensure A Steady Supply Of Power Whenever You Need It

When you need power most Powermax generators are your first choice.  New Zealand is growing at a fast rate with construction sites popping up on every corner.  Powermax is there, bringing you reliable power to keep you up with the boom times.

Powermax is not just for the good times though.  There is no need for you to be caught out when the next natural disaster strikes.  Powermax ensures you are not left in the dark - be a prudent Kiwi and get your Powermax generator now to ensure your safety and peace of mind for years to come.

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Need Help Finding A Generator?

For help to find the best generator for your needs, contact our friendly customer service team on 0800 387 678.

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